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    We are a large and professional nike shox wholesaler and famous brand name nike shox shoes online. We always provide the best quality for selling online. All our wholesale nike shox come with the original box, tags, retro cards, accessories whenever such things are required. We are very aware of shoes business and sort through the poor quality items so that you do not have to take that risk when you purchase products from us.

    Another potentially huge problem in wholesale is customs boards of certain countries. Many suppliers cannot get their goods by customs due to their lack of skills in business or lack of connections they fail to complete forms accurately and it costs your business time and money to sort out such large problems. We can provide products safely, and quickly to pass customs leaving and entering, wherever you may reside in the World, we also are aware of how to limit all border taxes to minimize them and often eliminate them entirely so you pay no taxes at all on your orders.

    If you want to make a bulk purchase for one time, please don't hesitate contact us directly, we will provide you world-class service and the cheapest wholesale price(Low 20$-40$). Our company warmly welcome OEM or ODM order for all of our products with factory-to-you price(Low 30$-40$). You can contact us online or email to

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